Thursday, August 14, 2008

Long Time, No Write

I have not idea why I thought I would jump back into writing posts to this blog, but maybe I am just bored and remembered the good ol days when I trained 20 hours a week and still found time to write novels on this blog.

Well times have changed, but I do not think for the worse. I went through my phase of doing running and triathlon races and while I do miss the training and the great people I met, the exhilieration of a race and how good of shape I was in, I do not miss all the free time I have not top pursue my other hobbies.

I have always been someone who puts 110% into whatever they do, but can't necessarily do that for too I have moved on to other things now.

Since last spring I have had time to golf with my family, travel to catch up with firends, enjoy more weekend sports, parties and bbq's and most importantly have time to myself to do what I want. I have continued to stay in pretty good shape by going to the gym and running, but I do miss riding my bike and swimming at the cove. I have however picked up a new activity that I feel equally challenging, boxing.

I joined a boxing gym a few months ago and do 2-3 classes a week and let me tell you, the classes kick my a*s. I am still getting my footwork down, but definitely enjoy punching the cr*p out of a bag and all the cardio that comes with it. I do not yet know if I plan to start shadow boxing, but that will be a long way off if I do decide to do it, since there is so much involved with footwork and punching technique....and I am much more of a college roundhouse puncher still!!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Back in the Saddle...

Well it has been quite some time since my last posting and i am somewhat proud to say that i have not been completely slacking since August. I have been keeping an off-line journal of my training regime during this time and am looking at ways of adding that into this site somehow, so if any of you have a widget or know of an easy way to have a calendar integrate with this site please let me know.

I started my formal training program for the Lavaman 08 season through TNT a few weeks back and had been looking forward to working out with some teammates again. As many of you know training on your own is great most of the time, but after awhile having another person motivate you definitely helps.

I look forward to continuing with a weekly post, so check back if you like....

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Continued Summer Slacking....

Well as most of my fellow Tri friends have been staying active and true to their training, I on the other hand, have definitely not. Since my last post I have traveled to Cabo San Lucas, San Francisco twice, Boise, ID and am now heading to the Midwest for a week.

I ended up bailing on the Carlsbad tri due to lack of training, just being out of town and honestly not mentally being into it. Oh well, I am enjoying my summer, working hard and spending time with family and friends.

I will most likely start training hard again in November, for next year's LavaMan race in Kona HI.